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You can choose to vape and quit smoking.
Below are the best vapes you can choose if you want to quit smoking.
1. Elf Bar BC5000
With 5% nicotine salt strength, it’s more than enough to satisfy heavy vapers and comes in oer 55 flavors.
2. Avida OCBD Vape Pen
It comes in a variety of flavors and is a flavorless option for those who dislike artificial flavors. It has 300 mg of CBD isolate. For quality and consistency, it …

Disposable vapes are one of the simplest e-cigs to use and maintain. Once the e-liquid is finished, you can simply dispose of the vape. 
They are perfect for vape beginners because the disposable vape requires no maintenance. They are also suitable for veterans because they serve as a backup device to use when you don’t want to carry bulky vapes around. 
Best disposable vapes
ELF Bar BC5000
It’s one of the most recognized disposable vapes around. Each is filled with 5% strength of…