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Vaping has gained massive popularity in recent years, and with a plethora of vapes available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right vapes that suit your needs. As a beginner to vaping, finding the right vape for you might be confusing.
This article will provide you with a breakdown of the various types of vapes you should know about, along with their distinctive characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. This will assist you in choosing the ideal vape for your needs and preferences.
1. Cig-a-like …

The growth in the popularity of vaping has attracted government taxation on this industry. Today, taxation on vaping products is being proposed in the US and elsewhere across the world. 
Why do governments tax vaping products?
Besides the usual reason for collecting more revenue, taxation on tobacco-related products is done to try to change the behavior of smokers and offset the medical and environmental costs associated with their use. 
How vaping taxes work
Vaping products are taxed…

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in the hemp plant. It contains little THC. It contains two products which are CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes.
What are CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls
CBD cigarettes contain hemp. They are sold in stores and online. CBD pre-rolls are rolled in natural hemp papers and according to your preferences. They are sold by specialty companies online. 
Although both products contain CBD, the pre-rolls CBD contains more CBD than hemp cigarettes. Also, they do not intoxicate. …

IQOS is a modern heated tobacco product (HTP) which is a device that has been designed to replicate the experience of smoking tobacco. Tobacco companies have tried to bring something that does not cause risks from inhaling tobacco. The device was produced by Philips Morris International (PMI) in 2014. In the end, IQOS got marketing rights from the FDA in 2019. IQOS is available in some vape shops and can also be ordered online. 
How does IQOS work?
IQOS, as well as other HTPs, works by heating a tube of tobacco. The cigarette-like tobacco is …