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The LUXE XR is an updated version of the LUXE X from VAPORESSO. This pod vape has built-in replaceable coils. It comes with 1 different pod: one for DL and the other for MTL. The pods have a 5 mL capacity while the internal battery is 1500mAh.
Build and Design
It is a simple device with a single button. It acts as both the power button and the on/off switch for the LUXE XR. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful and well-built device. 
LUXE XR has a durable and see-through case. It is identical to the X …

CCELL has dominated the CBD vaping market for a while. Their EVO technology provides more vaporization, better flavors, and bigger clouds. The top devices featuring this technology are the M6T-EVO and TH2-EVO. Essentially, the TH2-EVO is a luxurious version of the M6T. 
CCELL products are known for their clean taste. However, there is a noticeable improvement in the EVO series. You will find that it does not produce burnt or dirt hits. Additionally, it does not clog. You can come back to use it after several days as if you had not …

Caliburn A3 is the latest vape pod in town. The device is unique since Uwell has categorized the calibers with line A catering for beginners while lines G and X are aimed at more advanced vapers.
Build and design
Just like its predecessor, the A2, the A3 features a quality design. The device is lightweight but well-built. It is also slightly shorter and thinner than the A2. 
Caliburn A3 usage
You can use the A3 button or go for the draw-activation mode. It has five clicks for turning …