A Review of UWELL Caliburn A3: Third Time’s the Charm?

Caliburn A3 is the latest vape pod in town. The device is unique since Uwell has categorized the calibers with line A catering for beginners while lines G and X are aimed at more advanced vapers.

Build and design

Just like its predecessor, the A2, the A3 features a quality design. The device is lightweight but well-built. It is also slightly shorter and thinner than the A2. 

Caliburn A3 usage

You can use the A3 button or go for the draw-activation mode. It has five clicks for turning on/off and 2 presses for the fire button.

Charging and battery life 

The A3 has a solid battery of 520 mAh. It has an excellent charging speed of 15 minutes.

Pros of Caliburn A3

– Quality build

– Easy to use

– Clear pods

– Feels comfortable in the mouth

– Amazing flavor

– Fast charging speed

– Good battery life

Cons of Caliburn A3

– Only slight upgrades from A2

– Only one side has a juice window

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