CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in the hemp plant. It contains little THC. It contains two products which are CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes.

What are CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls

CBD cigarettes contain hemp. They are sold in stores and online. CBD pre-rolls are rolled in natural hemp papers and according to your preferences. They are sold by specialty companies online. 

Although both products contain CBD, the pre-rolls CBD contains more CBD than hemp cigarettes. Also, they do not intoxicate. 

Do CBD cigarettes or pre-rolls have any benefits?

They both contain CBD which has plenty of health benefits. Some of the benefits include;

– Pain and anxiety relief due to its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties.

– Reduces nausea caused by chemotherapy

– Treat insomnia

– Help weed users with anxiety and paranoia

– It has cardio and neuroprotective properties

– Treat seizures disorders

Why not smoke hemp

Not smoking hemp is the same as not smoking other products. It’s unhealthy to smoke. Any kind of smoking releases carbon monoxide leading to circulatory and heart diseases. The risks involved in smoking tobacco are the same found in smoking hemp.

Alternatives to Smoking

You can choose other means of consuming CBD such as CBD vaping, CBD gummies, and other edibles.

Pros of CBD cigarette and CBD pre-rolls

– Delivery of CBD to the body is fast

– Help quit smoking tobacco

– Gives all the health benefits of CBD

– It’s not addictive

Cons of CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls

– May not reduce nicotine cravings

– Carbon monoxide in smoke is unhealthy

– Smoke leads to yellow teeth and burning of fingers

– All long-term smoking can cause heart and lung diseases

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