IQOS is a modern heated tobacco product (HTP) which is a device that has been designed to replicate the experience of smoking tobacco. Tobacco companies have tried to bring something that does not cause risks from inhaling tobacco. The device was produced by Philips Morris International (PMI) in 2014. In the end, IQOS got marketing rights from the FDA in 2019. IQOS is available in some vape shops and can also be ordered online. 

How does IQOS work?

IQOS, as well as other HTPs, works by heating a tube of tobacco. The cigarette-like tobacco is coated with vegetable glycerine that forms a visible vapor. Using HTPs is neither smoking nor vaping; it lies somewhere in between. 

IQOS comes with 3 parts including the device itself, a charger, and the heatSticks. HeatSticks are mini cigarettes that closely resemble actual cigarettes. They contain tobacco, nicotine, VG, and flavors.

IQOS is charged for 4 minutes before use. You then insert a HeatStick and wait for about 20 seconds. It will light up and allow you to ‘smoke’ for 6 minutes. 

The HeatSticks feel like cigarettes in the smoker’s mouth. Additionally, they are flavored to offer the experience of smoking a cigarette. 

When using an IQOS, the tobacco is heated so that it vaporizes but doesn’t burn. You get a more cigarette-like vapor than when using a vaping device. 

The IQOS only emits vapor when the smoker is inhaling. It does not produce any side stream. 

It is advisable to clean the IQOS after 20 uses. You should also replace the batteries when they lose capacity. 

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