Month: September 2022

Columbus passed a bill that bans the sale of all flavored tobacco and vape products. Despite opposition from vaping businesses and criticism from local retailers, the regulation was passed unanimously. The regulation even enjoyed support from the mayor and will take effect on 1st January 2024. 
This new law bans the production and sale of all flavored vape products. This includes both nicotine and non-nicotine vape products. It also prohibits the sale of other low-risk products that are flavored such as snus and nicotine pouches. Additionally, this regulation …

Juul has announced a settlement that will cover more than 5000 lawsuits. The company was sued by American Indian tribes, municipalities, school districts, and individuals on different grounds.
The settlement which runs into a billion dollars will cover the American Indian tribes, personal injury, government entities, and consumer class actions. 
While the company’s woes almost forced it to file for bankruptcy, they have received new investments to cover the settlements and stabilize its operations. However, …

The LUXE XR is an updated version of the LUXE X from VAPORESSO. This pod vape has built-in replaceable coils. It comes with 1 different pod: one for DL and the other for MTL. The pods have a 5 mL capacity while the internal battery is 1500mAh.
Build and Design
It is a simple device with a single button. It acts as both the power button and the on/off switch for the LUXE XR. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful and well-built device. 
LUXE XR has a durable and see-through case. It is identical to the X …